Privacy Policy

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. is aware of the importance of protecting names, addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information of customers and all others who come in contact with the company, and regards the proper handling of personal information as its social obligation.


Policy for Protection of Personal Information

  1. Personal information that is collected will be stored safely under a strict management system, and safety measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized access, the loss, destruction or alteration of this data, data leaks and other problems. Furuno will name an individual responsible for the management of personal information to ensure that proper management procedures are followed.
  2. Personal information will be collected in a legal and fair manner in which the purpose of its use is disclosed. This information will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected.
  3. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the individual, except in cases prescribed in Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law.
  4. Furuno will strictly comply with all laws and regulations as well as internal rules applicable to personal information.
  5. When a request for the disclosure, revision or other action concerning personal information is received, Furuno will take the necessary action immediately at the contact point that is responsible for handling disclosure requests, etc. after confirming that the caller is making a request concerning his/her own information.


Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

Furuno collects personal information in conjunction with the following business activities.

  1. Manufacture, sales and import/export of electronic equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment and other electrical, precision and general equipment
  2. Repairs and installation of the equipment listed in item 1
  3. Sales and import/export of ships, ship equipment and supplies, and fishing materials
  4. Sales of automotive equipment and office equipment
  5. Planning, production and sales of computer software
  6. Installment sales and leasing of equipment in all of the above items.
  7. Credit guarantees, monetary loans and factoring
  8. Services associated with communications
  9. Non-life insurance agency business and life insurance sales
  10. All other activities associated with all of the above items


Furuno uses personal information associated with the above items as follows.

  1. For the provision of services and fulfillment of contractual obligations associated with sales, installation and services (including application agency, repairs, inspections, etc.) for the products of Furuno and its group companies
  2. For the distribution of information concerning products, services, special opportunities, events, seminars and other items concerning Furuno and its group companies
  3. Updates and improvements of the products and services or of the studies, analysis and the collection of statistics for the development of new products of Furuno and its group companies
  4. Notification of winners of prizes and contests, individuals chosen to serve as monitors in marketing campaigns, provision of goods and/or remuneration to these individuals, and various activities concerning the planning and operation of events
  5. Responses to various inquiries, requests for catalogs and similar activities


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